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Double Danger/Spooky Pinball Zombie Ghost Work Shirt


Batman and Robin. Calvin and Hobbs. Willy Wonka and the Oompa Loompas. The Lone Ranger and Tonto. King Kong and Godzilla. Spooky Pinball and Double Danger.......born of some of the greatest partnerships in history, we present to you, our newest collaborative work shirt offering! The Double Danger/Spooky Pinball Zombie Ghost work shirt!!

We spared no expense when designing this iconic piece of pinball attire! Starting on the front, we have a custom Double Danger zombie fez logo patch perfectly sewn above the left pocket. Before we go straight to the back, lets discuss the awesome Spooky Zombie ghost patch on the right sleeve. It's spooky, it's kooky, it's ready to rock! On the back we let our designers go, to design the perfect image of a Spooky Zombie ghost playing a pinball machine (it could be Spooky's America's Most Haunted, but we're not saying) surrounded by the logo types of the two partners in fashion responsible for this unbelievable garment of greatness! Did we mention that the white bits silkscreened on the back glow in the dark? Oh we didn't , well then, THE WHITE PARTS ON THE BACK GLOW IN THE DARK!! I'm telling you, your pinball partners will be "Slimmer-green" with envy when they see you in this shirt!

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Spookie Zombie Work Shirt mock up.jpg