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Double Danger/Spooky Pinball Work shirt


BOOM! Goes your pinball wardrobe with this super special Spooky Pinball and delectably daring Double Danger Red Kap work-shirt of total and complete awesomeness!! Working closely with the creative geniuses over at Spooky Pinball we disappeared into the depths of the super-secret Double Danger apparel labs located beneath our hidden lair to emerge with one of our most outlandish, most awesome, most desirable work shirt designs to date!

Take the perfect platform, our rugged and stylish black, short sleeve Red Kap work shirt and add to that our already famous "Live to Flip, Flip to Live" design lavishly hand-silkscreened to the back. In addition to that already perfect ensemble, we plaster this shirt with not one, not two, but three crazy cool exclusive patches!! The front left breast has our "Vintage Pinball" patch, the right sleeve has the ever creepy, ever popular "Zombie Hand Pinball" patch and then as the "coup de gras".....we added the brand new, beautifully embroidered Spooky Pinball Ghost logo patch on the right front breast above the pocket!!! It's a quadfecta of pinball goodness! It's 4 times the pinbally perfection! It's like Double Danger and Spooky Pinball in a blender, poured all over one of our most popular shirt styles!!...
..Lets just say you'll love it!

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Spooky Colab Red Kap.jpg