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"Flipper" Tournament Award Medals

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Do you need unique, one-of-a-kind, pinball specific awards for your next tournament? We know you do! Don't go to a place that's going to give you some generic, same-ol', same-ol' kinda trophies.......Double Danger has you covered!!! Grab a set of these unbelievably nice "Flipper" shaped award medals and watch your participants go crazy trying to win one! 

Cast from metal in gold, silver and bronze colors with black enamel top accents, these flipper shaped medals are the cats meow, the icing on the cake, the lazarus-save your tournament needs!! Each medal is a show-stopping 5" long and 1.75" wide (at the top of the flipper) and comes with a beautifully thick, blue silk ribbon to hang around each recipients neck. Trust us when we say, anyone will be proud to win one of these beauties!!

Medals are sold in sets of 3 (gold, silver and bronze....first, second and third places). All medals come with the same beautiful 18" blue silk ribbon. Discounts are available for multiple sets ordered at one time. Please contact us for details. Email us at: orders@ddpinball.com

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Flipper Medals.jpg