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Flipper Sticker Pack


We were talking with your tool box the other day, and he was saying how cool it would be if he had a set or two of pinball flipper stickers to go on him. So we took a poll, we surveyed lap-tops, tool boxes, back packs, school book covers, cabinet doors and several back-room walls to see if they'd be interested in having pinball flipper stickers adhered to them. You know what they said? 100% of those surveyed overwhelming said yes to wanting flipper stickers! Yes, I said 100%!

We at Double Danger pinball accessories have heard the call for flipper stickers and have reciprocated in kind. We present to you the coolest pack of flipper stickers you'll ever see! Yes, yes it does include both left and right sides from the early EM style and the later standard style flippers! But wait, there's more! What good are flipper stickers without pinball stickers you ask? Absolutely no good at all. That's why you not only get the perfect flipper sticker sets, but you also get 2, yes 2, pinball stickers to accompany your flippers in any way you see fit! 

This is a 6 sticker set of beautifully printed stickers on vinyl including 4 flippers and 2 pinball stickers to adhere to....well, what ever you see fit! 

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