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ARTIST SERIES - Sweyda Double Danger Skull and Crossed Bones Shirt


Expect the best? You get the best, with Double Danger and the SHOW STOPPING design talents of Sweyda!!! We’ve pulled out all the stops on this incredible Sweyda skull and crossed bones design. Long sleeves? YES. Front and back design? YES. Custom silkscreened sleeve pattern? YES. We dare you to step into your local pinball arcade with this pinball-power shirt on and not send the competition packing!

Perfectly hand-silkscreened 3 color skull and crossed bones design is on the back of the shirt, so all of your competition can see you’re serious about your craft. There is a one color front pocket design on the left front chest and of course we’ve finished these off with a row of silkscreened pinballs down the right sleeve. Because, what’s more fitting than a shirt with multi-ball? These are 50/50 Jerseys Dri-Power shirts for a perfect fit and long lasting wear.

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Sweyda DD Skull mock up.jpg