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ARTIST SERIES - Sweyda Double Danger Skull and Crossed Bones Hockey Jersey


Oh hells yes we did!!!! In an industry first, and certainly not to be our last, Double Danger has taken the SHOW STOPPING design talents of Sweyda and added them to a totally KICK-ASS hockey style jersey!!! Who says pinball isn’t a sport? WE DON’T!!! Grab one of these incredible jerseys and prove to everyone YOU ARE the pinball MVP! The killer Sweyda skull and crossed bones Double Danger art is hand silkscreened on the front with a small DD pinball crest silkscreened on the right shoulder as well. The backs are blank because we want everyone to be able to add their favorite number (like 9, the last word in greatest hockey numbers) and name, game title, nick name (tilt monster comes to mind along with slam tilt, crazy legs, slap save….we digress)……

Perfectly hand-silkscreened 3 color skull and crossed bones design is on the front. There is a one color DD pinball crest on the right shoulder as well. These are 100% polyester, mesh style practice jerseys with heavy stitching and white stripe accents. You shoot, you score with this beauty!!

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Sweyda DD skull jersey mock up.jpg