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ARTIST SERIES - Sol Rac It's Alive Shirt


Brought to life by the flip of a switch and a bolt of lightning from the sky, this shirt will wake the dead every time! The incredible talents of the artist
Sol Rac collide with the quality of Double Danger to bring you the "It's Alive!" pinball shirt! Sol Rac's stunning, paired-down, wild-rockin' and graphic rockabilly style shines through in this incredible creepy pinball design! Meticulously hand-stitched together from graveyard salvaged shirt parts and spare play filed wire by the doctor himself (not really, they're printed on super soft, District Made ring-spun, combed cotton shirts). Strapped to a slab and brought to life as if by some monstrous miracle (not really, it's hand silkscreened). These shirts will rise up to dominate the pinball world! (As long as fire is not involved.) So drop another quarter in that slot while donning this beauty, we dare you....!!

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DISCLAIMER: Double Danger is not responsible nor liable for any incidents involving angry villagers brandishing pitch forks or flaming torches and chasing customers while wearing this shirt. Remember rule #1.....cardio.

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Its Alive Shirt.jpg