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ARTIST SERIES - Ryan Hungerford Kaiju Pinball Shirt


SKREE-ONK!!!!! Coming to crush your town, and also your pinball wardrobe, is yet another INCREDIBLE design from the incomparable Ryan Hungerford!! This time Ryan has perfectly illustrated the age-old dilemma, the fact that all Kaju’s really want to do, is play pinball!! So just leave this guy alone to set the high score you meddlesome military miscreants!

Perfectly hand silkscreened in 3 colors on a building-crushing Jersey Ringer soccer tee. These shirts are 100% combed cotton and are EXTREMELY soft and light. They have the perfect touch with white ringers on the collar and sleeves with just the right accent of a white stripe down the shoulders! This shirt will have you rising out of your earthly, irradiated catacomb from millennia of hibernation to crush your pinball foes! SKREE-ONK!!!! FYI…these shirts will shrink a bit if washed in warm and dried in the dryer! We recommend washing in cold and letting these air dry to maintain that perfect fit!

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Ryan Hungerford Kaiju mock up.jpg