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ARTIST SERIES - Kevin Saunders Pinball Attack Shirt

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Ever feel like the pinball machine has it out for you? Are you playing like the machine holds some sort of vendetta against you? Then this Artist-Series shirt is for you!! For all those "off" pinball days, of which we have many, we present to you our "Pinball Attack" shirt! Designed for us by the crazy talented Kevin Saunders, this shirt shows the world just how you feel some days when the house-balls keep coming! Let the poor "Dip" fink on your shirt take the brunt of your frustration, because you're stylin' and profilin' in this crazy-cool pinball design from Double Danger! 

Hand silkscreened in blue and bright yellow inks on 100% cotton, dark chocolate colored, short sleeved shirts. This stylish smock will slay at your next league night or tournament gathering!

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Pinball Attack site.jpg