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Pinball Patches
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SS Flipper and Ball Patch pack


Ever wanted to doll-up your vintage pearl snap with some spiffy, sporty Solid State style flipper patches and a pinball? We knew it!! That's why we're offering you this crazy kool Solid State style flipper and ball patch set! Add them to the top of a jacket or vest. Place them ever so delicately at the top, back of your favorite western style shirt. Anywhere you place them, you'll be the hit of the arcade!!


Set includes both the left and right flippers and one scale pinball patch. (There may also be a super cool Double Danger sticker as a bonus in there, but who's counting?)


Patches come with an iron on backing, but for best results, we recommend that you iron them on first, then stitch them for best results. Instructions are found on the back of the header card.

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standard flipper patch set.jpg
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