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Barry Oursler/Pat McMahon Designed and Hand Signed Limited Edition Pinball Back Patch


One patch to rule them all, one patch to find them, one patch to bring them all and in the arcade bind them…...

Ok, we don't want you to go throwing the MOST AWESOME back patches ever made into Mount Doom or anything, because we likes thems toooo much! We just want you make your shirt or jacket the most incredible piece of pinball apparel EVER with these unbelievable beauties!! Conceived and designed by Barry Oursler and Pat McMahon respectively……..YES, that Barry Oursler and that Pat McMahon!!!! The very men who designed and created art for such legendary pinball games as Tales of the Arabian Nights, Junk Yard, Who Dunnit, Jack Bot, Popeye, Doctor Who……we could go on and on!! These legends of pinball stardom have teamed up with the worlds premier pinball apparel and accessory company (little old us!) to create these absolutely incredible fully embroidered back patches!

Measuring in at a staggering 11" wide and 8" tall, this is the anchor patch your jacket or favorite pinball shirt has been waiting for. Honestly, this is the patch you plan an entire jacket around. Buy one of these beauties and the jacket will come to you! Embroider it and they will come…..wait, what movie were we talking about?

This fully embroidered patch has an iron-on backing, but we recommend that after you've ironed this bad-boy on, that you go ahead and stitch it into place for safe keeping! Ever thought of starting a pinball gang? Ever thought, "Guys, i'd like to get my knees in the breeze but I don't have the crowning jewel for my patch vest that makes the perfect pinball statement"….Look no further, we have you covered! 

If all of that wasn't enough, each patch comes individually bagged with a full color header that is hand signed and designed by Mr. Oursler and Mr. McMahon themselves! This thing could be framed and hung up as a pinball tribute on its own! Don't hesitate! These are being sold as a very limited edition of 50 patches only!!

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back patch.jpg