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ARTIST SERIES - Patch 3-Pack #1


We know you want to take your favorite jacket, shirt or whatever fashion accessory you can find to preposterous points of pinball perfection! That's precisely why Double Danger presents to you now, these unbelievably awesome patches of ultimate pinball prowess!!! This, our first "Artist Series" 3 pack of patches, is set to BLOW YOUR MIND!!

3 custom made, custom designed patches from the artistic hands of the folk-pop sensation, Tim Lee and the hard rockin', straight talkin' artist Tony Squindo!! These 3 patches from our first two 'Artist Series" collaborators are large and in charge and beggin' to be added to your favorite pinball garments!

Starting with the Tim Lee "Double Danger Skull" patch in bold red and black, it measures a prominent 4" x 3.25". One of our perfect "Live to Flip, Flip to Live" patches, measures 2.75"x4". Then, just because we could, we throw in a KILLER Squindo original design of one of his now famous skeletons playing pinball the only way he knows how....ALL OUT!! It measures a perfect 3"x3.5". 

Each patch is perfectly embroidered and features an iron on backing. We recommend you sew them on in addition to ironing for added strength. 

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Artist Series Patch pack 1 final.jpg
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