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Total Nuclear Annihilation Soundtrack Cassette and Pin Super Combo!

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How do you follow up one of the most anticipated pinball releases of this decade? With a killer, very limited, pink cassette of the soundtrack from that pinball release of course!! Our friend and pinball designer extraordinaire, Mr. Scott Danesi, has outdone himself with this offering! This is a limited pink cassette of the TNA pinball machine soundtrack, with artwork from Matt Andrews, the man responsible for the art on the TNA machine. The TNA pinball soundtrack is of course composed, produced and played by Scott himself!! 10 tracks of total TNA awesomeness! Scott and Spooky Pinball have turned the pinball community on its ear with this offering!

How could that deal possibly get any better? How's this for better......Double Danger is not only offering the TNA soundtrack cassette, but we are offering it as a Super Combo deal with the limited Dead Flip Pinball TNA colorway enamel pin!!! That's right, for one low price get both the cassette and the new TNA colorway pin together for a crazy discounted price!!

Be sure to choose just the tape, or the tape and enamel pin combo before adding to cart!

All music is copyright Scott Danesi/TechnoMF Records 2018.

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