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Pinball/Remove Before Launch Red Key Fob


You say to yourself, "Self, where the heck did I just put that Medieval Madness cabinet key?!" Double Danger knows exactly where your loose pinball keys are....on your brand new Double Danger "Remove Before Launch" red key fob!! I mean, what are you gonna do with a pocket full of loose keys anyway? You're gonna slip them onto this marvel of modern key-holding perfection, that's what!

Embroidered on both sides, one side with the obvious, the word "Pinball" and, well, a pinball. The other with a nod to aeronautical safety with the catchy, "Remove Before Launch" phrase! See what we did there, "before launch" as if to say you're launching the ball into play.......we digress. Keychains are heavy duty red canvas with a reinforced red stitch border and are approx. 5" long and 1" wide. They have a heavy duty ring-clasp at the end that attaches through a reinforced eyelet for years of key-holding duty! So whether it's your pinball keys, your personal keys, or the key to someone's heart.....Obi-Wan says, "This is the key holder you've been looking for."

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