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Pinball Jewelry
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Sterling Silver and Enamel Yellow Flipper-Bat Earrings


Double Danger has now stepped the pinball earring game up to notches unknown!!! We present to you our sterling silver and enamel "Yellow" flipper-bat earrings. We quickly sold-out of the white flipper-bat earrings, so don't hesitate with these fantastic yellow bat versions! With beautiful sterling silver posts and clasps that lead up to the flippers with red enamel wrap-arounds simulating the flipper bands and yellow enamel on the top for a perfect flipper look! Glance at the rear of each flipper and you'll even see, ever so delicately engraved on the backs, "DDPin".....just in case your ears forget where they found all this outstanding pinball jewelry excellence!!

Earrings are delicately sized at 12mm long by a year 3mm wide. The perfect subtle pinball statement! Earrings come in their own box. These earrings are VERY limited!! Get some today before they sell out, because once they're gone, they're gone!!!

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Red Flipper Earrings yellow.jpg