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Zombie Hand Pinball Zip-Front Hoodie


You'll be the sharpest dressed player at the next league night guaranteed, in this stunning little number! Of course no guarantee is implied or provided, but try and tell me the chicks don't dig a sharp dressed man, or woman for that matter?

This is the hoodie to fit that bill! Our awesome Zombie Hand pinball design hand silkscreened on the back of a super nice Hanes Eco-Smart zip-front hoodie! Hoodie has a hood with drawstrings, zipper front closure, long sleeves and two comfy pockets on the front for warming your hands Miyagi-style just before taking down your opponent in an epic 3rd ball comeback! These hoodies also have a super comfy fleece style lining that will help you fend off even the strongest gales thrown from a "Whirlwind" pin topper! Add to those amazing features the aplication of one of our world-class Zombie Hand pinball patches to the front left breast and you have the ultimate pinball themed hoodie!!! 

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zombie hand hoodie new.jpg