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Owlnonymous Gumrick Enamel Pin


Brought to you by Double Danger and Owlnonymous from Twitch, we present the official mascot Gumrick enamel pin! What is Gumrick you may ask? Gumrick is our version of the Gimmick! that tries and fails. If you have a run go bad, blame Gumrick. If you do something dumb in a speedrun, blame Gumrick. Global timer off? Blame Gumrick. Poor Gumrick always gets the blame, but honestly he just appreciates the attention.

The Gumrick pin is three colors on a black soft enamel, and measures 1" with a single clasp on the back. Be sure to check out the combo pack available HERE if you plan on buying both pins.

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green turd pin.jpg