Buttons and Lapel pins

Dead Flip Pair-O-Butts Pinball Enamel Pin Set


Posterior. Buttocks. Ass. Arse. Booty. Trunk. Heinie. Behind. Rear-end. Back.Backside. Rump. Caboose. Tail. Tush. Seat. Buns. Moon. Fanny. Dumper. Can. Keister. Duff. Glutes. Patootie. Fart box. Back door. Lumps. Twerk factory. Bum.
We at Double Danger know our posteriors!. And if you know Jack Danger, of Dead Flip Pinball fame, then you definitely know butts!  This iconic symbol, once banned from Twitch, can now be yours in gorgeous lapel pin form. 

Made from soft enamel, it's a perfect 3-D version of Jack's "butts!" Each pin measures in at a shapely 1.5"x1.125"!! Each pair (yes, that's 2 bumpin' booties per card), comes individually carded and bagged! 

These are the only lapel pins that are Sir Mix-A-Lot approved!


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