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Cactus Jacks Shirt


Deep beneath the Double Danger "Lair of Secrecy", lies the Double Danger design lab. What's born there is both a mystery and a thing of beauty. We keep our design monkey chained to his desk and toss him the occasional meal and water. We think this makes for better results. And, who would argue when you see this beauty!! 

Double Danger presents the exclusive Cactus Jacks Family Fun Center shirt! Perfectly rendered by our design monkey, it's a crazy-cool 5 color, hand silkscreened design on the back of a beautiful, 100% cotton Anvil Caribbean blue shirt! The front features a one color Cactus Jacks logo on the left breast. It's a design for Cactus Jacks, of a cactus, playing a cactus pinball! Say that 3 times fast!

What is Cactus Jacks you ask? Only THE BEST pinball arcade this side of the Mississippi! Maybe even that side of the Mississippi! With over 50 pinball machines, classic video games, pool tables, redemption games, party rooms and more, it's an Oklahoma City tradition for more than 30 years!! It's also where the design monkey goes to get his pinball fix when he's not chained to his desk!

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