Featured Artist Series

Tim Lee

About Tim Lee: Themes of music, Americana, pop-culture, monsters, magic and bits of Southern Gothic are recurring concepts in his work. He enjoys creating these images on a variety of surfaces, wood, paper, canvas and screen prints. Traditional media is currently his focus but digital paintings are also a part of his portfolio.

Tim has a BFA from The Columbus College of Art & Design and is currently exhibiting at galleries in the U.S. and internationally.

He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina and plays the mandolin in an local bluegrass band, “The Hey Brothers“.

See more of Tim's work at his website


Kevin Saunders
Kevin's Facebook Page

About Kevin Saunders: Kevin is an artist and graphic designer living in Sprinfield, MO.


Tony Squindo
Tony's web site

About Tony Squindo: Tony is a veteran fine artist, tattoo artist, published artist, car enthusiast and graphic designer. Tony has done work for several very high profile clients, the metal band Metallica being one of the most recognizable!


Shawn Dickinson
Shawn's web site

About Shawn Dickinson: Shawn Dickinson is a California cartoonist & illustrator who draws spooky, crazy, fun, cartoony comics, album art, posters, t-shirts, stickers, all things rock n' roll, garage/punk, surf & hotrod art, car-toons, caricatures, gags, jokes, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.......



Flint's Facebook Page

About Flint!: Flint is a political cartoonist in the DFW area of Texas as well as being a fine artist!

Derek Yaniger

Derek's Web sites:

Derek Art
Mr. Retro

What’s kickin’ chicken? Derek Yaniger digs his doodles with a very vintage vibe! He’s scratched out art for heaps of bigwigs n fatcats but these days he dances strictly to the beat of his own bongos! One peek at Derek’s crazy scribbles and you’re guaranteed a ticket for a wild retro ride to a long gone world of boozers, beats and tiki freaks…sophisticats and fine felines…swingers, flingers and ring-a-ding dingers! Can you dig it?

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